In the Large format or  view camera that I use, the negative is 4″x5″ large. This is far large than the sensor in a digital camera or a 35mm film camera. You can also do many things that other cameras cannot do. One is that you can correct the perspective on building. You can also manipulate the plane of focus (to either get more focus or narrow what is in focus). Because of the size of the film, you get incredible details in each photograph and can print the image to a very large size. You can enjoy the benefits of film which has a different color palette or rich tonality in B&W. Conversely,  a 4×5 camera, it is a big challenge to use, it’s very large, everything is manual,  the cost is substantially more, and the process is much slower. Because of these factors, you make each exposure more carefully and deliberately. A view camera changes ones practice in photography, Creating images in your mind, carefully studying your composition and exposure.  Being more mindful.

I’ve broken up my large format work into several areas. The first is studio or still life.

The first six images are part of my “Art is Real” project that takes art that made out of ordinary objects like shows, toaster and tea kettles. I’ve composed the images treating them like the ordinary objects that they previously were.

These are carefully composed images sometimes part of a larger series of photographs.

For additional large format images see my “Odd Houses” series.

Here are a series of close up photos which shows several succulents. The images have been scanned and digitally manipulated. You can also see some of these images printed onto cyanotypes and other alternative processes. 

One of the strengths of the view camera is landscape photography. I tend to like a little urban with my landscape.

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