PHOTO-52 PHOTOGRAPHERS & THEIR IMAGES – City College of San Francisco

(Meets in Conlan Hall #101 on the following Monday evenings).
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CRN: 71101 / SEC. 501 / PHOT. 52

Class is from 6:40 to 9:00

Program for the fall semester 2013:

As a courtesy to the wider community, you are welcome to attend the lectures even if you are not enrolled in class.

Program #3. (Sept. 16th, 2013)


PERRY: a Bay Area photographer especially drawn to street photography and urban landscape, but who’s work is ever expanding…”Classes at CCSF helped me to discover a passion for photography that I didn’t know to exist.. Now as a professional, I am finding that the imagery I work on is continually on a creative track”.

See Grahame Perry Photography website and on Facebook.

CARUANA: Shoots commercial, weddings & editorial work. “I run my work in photography not only as a creative skill but necessarily as a business too.” Liz recently created a portrait book of Bay Area Fashion Designers titled, “The Bay: Creators of Style”. This book and accompanying show was a wildly popular event and featured in many Bay Area publications.

See Liz Caruana Photography

ZHAVORONKOVA: Has a degree in Industrial Design from St. Petersburg Academy of Art and has worked as a graphic designer for over three decades. Recently she has been working in photography, to express her artistic vision. Her projects are both personal, universal, and speak to the viewers on an intimate and familiar level. “I find that my world is continually expanding”.

See more at Yelena Zhavoronkova Photography.

Program #4. (Sept. 30th) CATHERINE KARNOW

The secret to creating great photographs of people is getting to know your subjects and making a connection with them even before you pick up your camera!” Her work appears in National Geographic, Smithsonian, French & German GEO and other international publications. She has also participated in several Day in the Life series, Passage to Vietnam, and Women in the Material World.

For more information on Catherine Karnow.

Program #5. (Oct. 14th) TROY PAIVA

“I love the lonely, wide open spaces and lack of man made ambient light that exists in the desert. Last year I was in England to give a lecture and managed to get three nights of shooting at a WW II POW camp, a train junkyard, and an aircraft bone yard. Typically British weather, socked in, and rainy skies. I’m happier shooting in the deserts of California.

For more information about Troy Paiva see

Program #6. (Oct. 28th) SCOTT LONDON

Scott has been photographing “Burning Man” over 8-9 years. His beautiful images are as incisive as they are entertaining. A California-based photographer, journalist, and consultant, he is perhaps best known for his one-on-one interviews with influential writers and thinkers. He is a former host of “Insight and Outlook,” a program of ideas aired on National Public Radio stations across the United States. His range of ideas and thought is awesome.

For more information about Scott London see Scott London Photography.

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