I’ve bought several used pieces of photo equipment using Craigslist but often it requires some patience and waiting for items to come up for sale. It’s also good to be able to see what equipment is coming up for sale, its price, condition. But checking Craigslist everyday for one or several items can be annoying.

One solution is to use the RSS feature on Craigslist along with a RSS reader. Fortunately, you can install Feedly as an extension to Safari (on a Mac), there is also a Feedly app for the iPhone and iPad. is the place you can get the software. You also need to get an account with the service. Once, you done that you can start to add RSS feeds.

Go into Craigslist and do a search.

E.g. go to Photo/Video part of Craigslist “For Sale” and type in a search.
In the search above I’m looking for a Nikon D600 – select search only in the title for more accurate searches.

Craigslist Search - Nikon D600







After you get the search results you can limit them by area (e.g. San Francisco, East Bay) or just search the whole bay area.

At the bottom of the page is the icon “RSS”, right click and select Copy Link

RSS icon



Copy Link









Now open the Feedly extension, click on the Feedly icon (“Access Feedly”) in the Safari browser (to the left of the address bar.  You then get the Feedly (left panel), you can click on “+Add Contact” and then Paste the URL that was copied from Craigslist.

Feedly panel








If you click on the “+” that appears to the right of the Search Results, you’ll get an “Add a New Source”, you can create a category like “Photo CL” and store your Craiglist searches. You can also put in a better title (e.g. Nikon D600 (Craigslist)”

Add a New Source in Feedly










Once you store the RSS feed you can go back to Feedly at any point and click on the stored RSS search an you’ll see the latest result gotten from Craigslist. This is especially useful if you have many searches or if you search for variations of the same item (e.g. “4×5 camera” or “view camera”) where you have multiple RSS searches.

Once you setup with RSS reader, you can use it to keep track of various websites, blogs and other sites which support RSS. It takes a lot of web site viewing and puts it all in one place. Pretty handy.

View Your CraigsList search





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