Recently I have been busy re-creating my website. My old website was very outdated and was built on outdated software. I decided to use the WordPress software which is commonly used to create websites.

Getting a theme is one of the important choice that I had to make. Themes control the design of the website. Plug-ins are available to add additional functions to your site. There are also a lot of articles on websites that discuss which themes are well made.

Beside choosing these tools, I needed to figure out what content to use. From my old website, I used little. Whole areas of work that I’ve done in the last couple of years wasn’t included in the existing site. What images do I want to show? I have taken trips to London, Taiwan, Bangkok, Hollywood, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas along with my night images of San Francisco. These were included under “Locations”

I make not only digital images, but I also use large-format cameras and use alternative /traditional processes. The third area in the portfolio area Is “Performance” which includes dance, theater and the outrageous Verasphere group.

In another area, “Exhibitions”, I highlight the gallery, exhibitions, and other events where my work has been featured (81 Bees). I also link to my self-published books. I have also include biographical and contact information as well as a subscribe option.

I wanted to connect my website to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (using my theme and plugins functions). Posting on my website can be immediately seen on Facebook as well as other social-net sites.

I chose the Invictus theme.  Unfortunately, configuring a theme and building pages is a little unintuitive but with some work I have built basic website pages to contain the images that I’ve selected. My goal was to have the basic design, the portfolio photographs, the exhibit pages, and some blog entries created before opening the new website.

Since release the website, I have created a weekly blog and a photo of the day feature.

I’ve also using a photo blog which can introduce new images that I don’t want to integrate into my portfolio. This would be a way of introducing new artwork that doesn’t consist of a large number of images, or maybe an area that I’m exploring, or a trip or event that I have just shot.

I’ve also created a newsletter which uses the MailChimp site to send out news about my photography. I’ve been able to consolidate my personal email list and my Facebook friends, putting them into my mailing list. MailChimp also allows people to subscribe (or unsubscribe) themselves.

I’m interested in how people are finding the site and how I’m using it in conjunction with my Facebook accounts.

I really want to hear from you