In 1969, my family left my home in Fulham for the United States. I recently returned to London. I went back to look around the area in order to see what I remembered

On leaving the Fulham Broadway underground station I got lost but fortunately I ended up in a park where there was a fair. i took many pictures using a lens baby lens which blurs and distorts the image (see below).

Amusement fair

An amusement fair that I stumbled apon in my trip to Fulham

In the last 44 years Fulham has gone from a rather ordinary area to a rather expensive area of London. There was now a Starbucks on the corner and the plain little side streets arev freshly painted and restored with pastel color. Gone was my grandfathers hardware store and my fathers tailoring shop. In their place is a rather nice women’s clothing store and a charity shop. I walked along the street past my old school on Munster Road. I then walked onto to Bishops Park which borders the Thames River. The park unlike seemed bigger and even though it was rather cold i continue to walk along the river path. I enjoyed the long walk around the place where I grew up, many old memories went through my mind.

It left me with several feelings mostly of nostalgia but also wondering what would’ve happened to me had my family not moved to America. How would my life been different? What would my job have been? These questions can’t be answered but they continue to reappear in my mind especially when I visit the UK and specifically when I come back and walk through the streets of my old neighborhood.

A project that I had in mind is to blend some old family photos with current images from Fulham today.

Fulham Road - Before and After - Blending old images with new

Fulham Road – Before and After – Blending old images with new

Once can walk peace along the Thames at Bishop's Park in Fulham

Walking through Bishop’s Park – Thames Walk




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