Here’s a little project that I’ve been playing with. taking multiple images of neon signs with some sort of motion as part of the signage.

The latest moving neon, it’s the Reno Arch, Biggest Little City.

Reno The Biggest Little CityReno The Biggest Little City

Here’s the Coca Cola sign that is south of Market in San Francisco, a coming sight from the S.F. highway.

Coca Cola movi


Her’s one of the older casinos on the Strip, the Riviera

Riviera Casino - Moviing-Neon


The Fox Theater in downtown Oakland, a wonderful movie palace was recently renovated after sitting empty for many years.

Fox Theater Oakland - Moving Neon


Another old neon sign back from when cigarettes were cool. It’s found not too far from downtown Fremont Street in Las Vegas.



That’s all for now.

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