Here’s an excerpt from a piece about marriage equality, focusing in on the sad fact the while we’ve made much progress we’ve still have a distance to go. That the senate feels ok about singling out one group, bi-national same sex couples and denying them the protection from having their families torn apart. This resonates very close to me, since I’m in such a relationship and for some very very good luck have avoided the possibility of my love being broken because my relationship has no meaning to the country that adopted and have lived in for 44 years. Many other people have to end relationships, live thousands of miles apart, leave one’s home to move to another country, engage in false illegal heterosexual marriages, or have one partner live in the U.S. illegally. Me and my partner don’t need to do this but many many do. So on the day that me and my husband were looking at the application for citizenship, the elected officials who are supposed to serve it’s citizens felt free to toss out that possibility for many others like myself and my love. It makes me sad and angry that they could do this. On the same day that my native country, the U.K. debated same-sex marriage, proposed and supported by both conservative and moderates and liberals.

From Andrew Sullivan, The Long Struggle for Marriage Equality:

We saw the still-enormous gap to overcome yesterday as gay couples were removed from being covered under the new immigration reform. The reform tries to include everyone trapped in immigration hell or limbo (and sometimes, trust me, purgatory), but it explicitly excludes only one group of people: gay and lesbian Americans who have taken up the responsibilities of civil marriage.

These people are not immigrants; they are American citizens forced to choose between their country and their spouse. No heterosexual would see that exclusion as anything other than what it is: the American government’s persecution of its own citizens, even as it seeks to ease the plight of its resident non-citizens. And breaking up families or forcing them to move abroad to stay together is more than discrimination. It’s cruelty. It doesn’t get clearer than that. Gay citizens are regarded as less worthy than straight non-citizens by their own Congress.

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