Am I Blue? – The Means of Survival

This project was originalled called ‘Am I Blue?’. It is about illness and survival, hope and regret, how one can be both joyful and fearful. It tells of my experience as a HIV+ man and a long term survivor. I hope that this work resonates with other people living with life threatening illnesses and those who have loved them.

In the last few years, I’ve been creating visual images that capture different aspects of being positive. Facing HIV has been a major task of my adult life. These images expose the struggles that might exist alongside well-being and gratitude.

The effects of years of struggle, uncertainty and survival has marked me in many ways creating unexpected symbols and unforeseen reactions. I’ve seen other respond in similar ways. Some of my self portraiture, not only represents myself but also others.

The initial work has broaden to create two bodies of work: 

The new body of work will be called “The Materials of Survival” and will use the drugs and other paraphenalia that any HIV+ person needs to interact with in order to live with this disease. 

The original name of the project “Am I Blue?” will continue to be used to refer to the more autobiographical and personal work (shown below):

Some of the photographs from this series have been presented in the following shows and forums