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I am a San Francisco / Bay Area photographer creating interesting and artful images. Especially drawn to street photography, urban landscapes, travel, night photography and personal projects.
I was born in London, coming to the U.S. when I was young.  I received a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley and had a career in computer support.
In the late-2000’s, I discovered a passion for photography during which I received an A.S. in Photography from City College of San Francisco. For the last several years, I have been inspired by image making. I have had individual exhibitions in 2011 and 2012 and have participated in numerous group shows.

Recently, I’ve been creating visual images that captures some aspects of being HIV+. This series, called The Materials of Survival, is part of an ongoing, evolving work. Using the drugs, pill bottles, blood vials and test results to build photographs and collages that reflect the unexpected symbols and emotions that being a long term survivor has created. I was part of a three artist show, the Long-Term Survivor Project, at SF Camerawork in June 2015. I will be having a solo show, Materials of Survival, in November 2015 at Magnet SF’s gallery.

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